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IzonOrlando is looking for a few good sales people! This is a perfect opportunity for students or those that are looking to augment their current salaries.

The position is truly a Business to Business sales position, with massive potential. You would be asked to have an integral part of the channel development. This would include getting to know the shows inside and out, so that you could approach the right potential sponsors, advertisers, etc. We have packages laid out for you so that you know exactly what you would be selling….to whom…and for how much, OR you could use your best discretion to tailor-make packages that you feel would sell.

Some of the advertising products we offer include:

  • Steady Banner Ads
  • Rotating Banner Ads
  • Player Skins
  • In Stream Pre-Roll Ads
  • In Stream Mid-Roll Ads
  • In Stream Post-Roll Ads
  • In Stream Pop Up Banner Ads
  • In Stream Logo Placement (Bugs)
  • Branded Shows
  • Product Placement
  • In-Show Mentions

This is NOT a pay per click or pay per impression type of sales. This is a traditional advertising model used in the broadcast industry presently, with several advantages that we do not want to go into in this public of a forum. Once you hear how we are positioning the opportunity, you will agree that the potential is staggering.

The positions are strictly commission based, however, the commission rates are stellar. End of quarter bonus packages that you would be eligible for are also being worked out at the moment, and will be based on profit gains by the company.

This is the perfect opportunity for someone who wants to work part time in order to augment their current salary, while offering the potential of full time placement at a later date (or right away, if so desired).

Please reply to, and include any relevant experience you may have in sales (particularly advertising sales) and/or broadcast production. NO SALES EXPERIENCE is required, however! So long as you are outgoing and love to talk to people, you will do great at this job!

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