IzonOrlando.com is a brand new venture based here in Orlando, created by a local video production company named Trisolt Video & Web Productions. We plan on leveraging this paradigm shift, by becoming the first, fully-functional, commercially viable internet programming gateway in the area. We have created an on-demand internet TV network….all about Orlando, FOR Orlando, BY Orlando people. Its created with the huge diversity found in Orlando in mind. We focus on the OTHER great things to do, see, experience and learn about in Orlando. From the Orlando native, who is tired of the same old thing on the weekends, to the tourist who is looking to experience what Orlando is truly about, IzonOrlando gives you what people have been craving.

But we don’t just do the typical “tourist destination” type of shows. Those shows are plentiful out there. What we’re doing is taking it a step further.

The Orlando area contains some of the world’s most diverse entertainment options imaginable. Couple that with the incredible amount of Hollywood-caliber production personnel living and working in the area and you have a place that is ripe for launching what we feel will be the entertainment destination of the future. Oh sure, we have those “what to do, where to go, what to see” shows here, but we offer all manner of original programming. From scripted shows to reality shows to music videos and independent films, we showcase all of the wonderful things about this great city.

With a background in broadcast television production, all of our shows are produced in the highest broadcast quality formats, so viewers will never have to sacrifice quality for entertainment. And with titles such as “Road Less Traveled”, “Magic Plus”, “Geekopoly”, “24 Hour Film Festival”, “Goddard Eats Orlando” and many others, there is surely something for EVERYONE!

Thanks to LogoUp.com for the embroidered polo shirts.

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