June 3rd, 2013, by izonorlando

Episode 4

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On this episode, Jordan “Cigar Guy” Warf introduces us to the Padron 1964 Anniversary series cigar. This limited production cigar, which is made with the finest tobacco harvested from Nicaraguan farms, was produced to celebrate Padron’s 30th year in business. The Padron 1964 Anniversary series cigars are highly sought for their flawless construction, mouth watering wrappers and robust dark tobacco flavor with traces of cocoa and coffee bean. Tune in to find out if the Padron 1964 Anniversary cigar will be your next choice for a good smoke.

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  1. duncan kay says:

    I love how the point of the show is to explain cigars and no one knew the history.. brilliant!

  2. thecigarbuff says:

    thumbs up for a few things and then just a bit of advise... female smoker on the show... bravo. that has to be hands down the, the best idea yet. it used to be thought of as a gentlemen's sport but if you research cigars, you find that through history woman have been big players in the cigar culture. also the "on location" spot Is great, gives the viewers a connection because I know it resembles my favorite cigar lounge here in Las Vegas.
    as far as a few suggestions... cigar knowledge is key to a show like this... most people view these shows to get info or to learn something... pardon only carries the two shades... natural and maduro, the "not that I know of" comment shouldn't be used. also bringing up one "one-off" cigar that had a knot preventing a draw for one random person was probably not worth mentioning, only because any avid cigar smoker has found and dealt with a know or two, and even on the best and most consistent cigars on the market. it happens... and doesn't cost a roller their job. lastly us big guys have to work twice as hard to get our grown and sexy on, go one size up on the shirt and keep the hat brother, that's the business!!! you guys are doing awesome and I truly enjoyed your format. I can tell its a work in process but its definitely headed in the right direction.

  3. Thanks for the feedback Cigarbuff, and yes the shirt was too tight. haha. And Duncan Kay, sorry we're not perfect, but there is actually the word dummies in the name of our show, so you can't be too surprised! HAHA

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