October 11th, 2012, by izonorlando

Danny Davenport at Side Splitters Comedy Club

You ever wake up in the morning, sit on the porch, drink a pot of coffee, smoke an entire pack of cigarettes, and scream at yourself? Danny Davenport has.

Inside the mind of a functional maniac, lies a type of comedy that’s hilarious in its candor.

The ability to express what he feels, and furthermore, analyze why he feels it, in a way that keeps the audience roaring with laughter has earned him the opportunity to share the stage with comedians such as Jeffrey Ross, Dom Irrera, Jim Florentine, Craig Gass, Lynn Kopitz, and Jimmy Shubert, among many others.

From beginning to end, Danny takes the audience on a journey through the bowels of his mind, while he counts down the minutes until he can have another cigarette…

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