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“Andrew Spear”

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After attending the Art Institute in Boston and later transferring to the Ringling School of Art Design in Sarasota, Florida, Weymouth, Massachusettes born artist Andrew Spear has mastered the mediums of colored pencils and paint.

With works ranging from an area of just a few inches to the entire side of a building, Spear has built a reputation upon his unique style of crosshatching and semi-monochromatic approach.

Although his pieces almost always contain bright color, these limited hues are used as an accent to his pieces which add to Spear’s signature technique.

With the talent and ability to create such large scale works of art, Spear has made the world his canvas.

He has designed several indoor and outdoor murals in the Florida area, created a mural for the Real World in Las Vegas, and has been a part of numerous high profile art shows around the country, most recently being Spoke Art’s Quinten vs. Cohen show held at the Bold Hype Gallery in NYC.

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