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Chasing Jonah

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About Chasing Jonah

Chasing Jonah consists of four traveling lovers/fighters bringing their stories to venues across Florida. Mixing strong female vocals with an indie rock aesthetic, they paint pictures of what it’s like to live and love in the age of ambiguity.

Led by vocalist/acoustic guitarist Ashley Dudukovich, Chasing Jonah explores the vulnerability, passion, and jealousy that can arc between otherwise reasonable people in relationships. Instrumental support from bandmates Tony Ficarrotto (electric guitar), Champ Kelley (drums), and Chandler Cook (bass) produces a sound that draws freely from folk, jazz, rock, and indie influences. Together, their honest and intimate shows sound almost like a cross between Regina Spektor, Iron and Wine, Angus and Julia Stone, Band of Horses and Death Cab For Cutie.

The first incarnation of Chasing Jonah was created in 2005, when Ashley was a mere 15 years old. Playing with friends for parents and pastors eventually gave rise to paying gigs and professional aspirations. Today, the members of Chasing Jonah are united with the goal of playing beautiful, sincere music that stands testament to peoples’ ability to grow, live and love regardless of their obstacles.

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