August 29th, 2012, by izonorlando

“Pick Locks, Steal Flights, Conquer Food Thieves and More!”

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We’re going to show you how to pick a lock, how to pre-schedule escape calls, how to lie cheat and steal your way to a perfect flight, and way more. DISCLAIMER: Use these powers for good, not for breaking the law! This is Lifehacker, episode 33.

Get Out of Any Situation by Pre-Scheduling Escape Calls
Learn how to use Rescue Me to preschedule calls so you can find a convenient excuse to get out of any situation.

Learn How to Pick Locks
Learn how to pick locks for a better understanding of “security.”

Lie, Cheat and Steal Your Way to a Perfect Flight
Depending on how flexible your ethics are, there are some great ways to cheat your way to a better flying experience.

Top Posts: Card-Free Costco, Silence Noisy Neighbors, and YouTube Link
How to shop at Costco without a membership, discovered how to transmit audio to neighbors speakers, and showed off how to use YouTube Link to preview videos.

Defeat Food Thieves with Laxatives
If you really can’t figure out who’s stealing your lunch at work, a few laxatives will do the trick. WARNING: Use only as a last resort, and only if they’re really jerks!

Cali Lewis’ Stalking Tips
GeekBeat.TV joins us to show you how you can stalk people using Life360 and Creepy.

This Week on YouTube: WireShark
If you want to track people using public info, Wireshark is your best bet.

Top 10 Warranty Voiding Hacks
If you really want to cause some mischief, learn about our 10 warranty voiding hacks, and how to avoid paying insurance for devices.

Downloads of the Day: Evil!
Creepy for Windows/Linux, Ben the Bodyguard (iOS), and Evil Wallpapers.

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