August 22nd, 2012, by izonorlando

“Automate Everything, and Make Your Computer Work For You!”

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This week on Lifehacker, we’re going to show you how to make all your technology work for you. Learn how to automate your home, automate monotonous computer tasks, automate backups, and a whole lot more.

Auto-Convert Downloaded Movies with Handbrake
Learn how to set up a dropfolder so that any movie you download gets automatically converted to the format of your choice.

Home Automation
Home automation allows you to control your lights, doors, air conditioning and more.

Automate Anything Without Coding
Want to automate your computer, but don’t know how to code? Try out these tricks for Windows and Mac.

Automate Your iPhone, Android and Desktop Backups
Backing up your data is essential, but it’s hard to remind yourself to do it. Use these tools for iOS, Android and your desktop.

Top Posts: Buy Generic, Install Lion on Your Hackintosh and More
This week on Lifehacker, we learned what products we should always buy generic, discovered how to overcome brand loyalty, installed OS X Lion on our Hackintosh, and made more attractive presentations.

Automate Anything in Photoshop
If you find yourself doing a lot of the same actions in Photoshop, try automating them.

Downloads of the Day: Automagic!
Best Backup Apps, Volume Concierge (Windows), Tasks Til Dawn (Windows and Mac), Juice Defender (Android) and System Silencer (Windows).

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