August 15th, 2012, by izonorlando

“Microsoft Outlook Is Actually Awesome, Overcoming #NBCFail and Sharing Music in a Cloud World”

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This week we’re learning that Microsoft’s new Outloook webmail service is actually pretty awesome, that you can watch the Olympics online, in real time, for free, and that Amazon’s CloudPlayer service is actually worth a look again. Plus, we’re answering some of your questions about cloud music, uTorrent and mobile Wi-Fi hotspots!

Microsoft Releases
Hulu Update and Apple TV
Amazon Cloud Player Update
Olympic Coverage #NBCFail
Questions and Answers
How Can I Setup a Wi-Fi Hotspot on My Smartphone?
Can I Send a Playlist to a Friend Using Google Music?
How Does uTorrent Work and What is a DAT File?
Lost Photos
Aphex Xciter
Shortcuts for Gmail

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