August 14th, 2012, by izonorlando

Kristen Stewart Devastated – Quits Movie For Robert Pattinson!

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Kristen Stewart gives up her next movie role in an attempt to win Rob Pattinson back — So where do Robsten currently stand?

We just reported a couple weeks ago that Kristen was set to star alongside Alex Pettyfer in the movie, ‘Cali’ — but apparently the actress is too heartbroken to go through with it.

And, last we heard, the former couple have not seen each other since news of her affair with Rupert Sanders broke, but apparently they have been talking on the phone daily. A source claims that while Rob is worried about Kristen and all the stress she is enduring, he is also not quite ready to hear her explanation of what happened.

Do you think Rob should give Kristen a chance to explain herself? Or does he simply need to move on?

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  1. Ron Thompson says:

    Kristen! Say it ain't so! :-/

  2. Turin says:

    Pattinson needs to move on. KStupe didn't appreciate what she had when she had it. When she pulled all of this, she didn't think that the public would turn so completely against her.

    People who are saying that this was a publicity stunt are looking at it from the wrong angle. They're ignoring the personalities of these people and trying to make them line up with their expectations of Rob and Kristen's Twilight characters.

    Yes, it was a stunt, but it was Kristen's, because it was the classic control issue. She was throwing down the gauntlet to Rob, on TV. She wanted to change the ground rules of their relationship, before a marriage. Rob's conservative-based privacy were not what she wanted out of one.

    She made quite sure that her cheating with Sanders would unfold in such a way that Rob would be the last to know, and helpless to effect any timely damage control. This would, consequentially, force third parties into their relationship - like, relationship counselors - and, hence, break his supposed "control" over "her life".

    Kristen didn't really want to marry Rob. Kristen wanted a high-profile celebrity marriage ...full of bad-girl antics and excitement to fill the tabloids. Boring Rob was in the way of Kristen's marriage. Personally, I think that she's another Hollywood druggy and can't operate above a certain level, anyway. Fortunately, it all backfired on her.

  3. Anonymous says:

    move on rob there is no excuse 4 cheating

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