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“Geek Cooking: Microwaves to Induction”

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Microwave ovens were a huge technological convenience when they entered our kitchens. Now, induction cooking is poised to make a similar impact.

Dawn of the Microwave
Microwave cooking was discovered as an accidental by-product of radar research. Its first commercial use was for hot dog vending machines.

Microwave Cooking Comes Home
The first “RadarRange” was the size of a household refrigerator and retailed for $5000 in 1947. By 1967, the price had dropped to $495.

Enter Induction Cooking
Tech made another big contribution to the kitchen with induction cooking. An induction cooker transfers electrical energy (by induction, hence the name) from a coil of wire into a ferromagnetic metal vessel.

Thermador Induction Cooktop
Thermador has an induction cooktop that can accommodate up to four pots – and you get to decide where they go, while the rest of the surface remains cool. It retails for just under $5000.

Things to Remember About Induction Cooking
There are a couple things to remember if you choose to go the induction route: Induction surfaces heat up almost instantly, so you may need to re-plan your cooking patterns around that. Also, glass or porcelain pots won’t work, but anything you can stick a magnet to will.

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