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“Back to School Tech Bargains and Apps”

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Time to head back to class, and we’ve got the apps and the deals to help you out!

Amazon Student
The Amazon Student app, on iOS and Android, will let you compare prices with a barcode scanner between Amazon and brick and mortar merchants, and provides buyers with six months of free shipping.

Campus Maps
New to campus? Check out iTunes and the Google Play store for campus map apps.

The Powerbag is a backpack that can also charge your gadgets. It has a built in battery, as well as cables routed through the bag – both microUSB and an iPhone cable.

If you refuse to give up your current backpack, and just need a portable charging solution, you can also consider the MyCharge. It’ll charge up to 3 devices at one time…. and FAST!

Apple Educational Deals
College students who buy a new Mac between now and September 21st will receive a $100 gift card redeemable in the App Store or iTunes.

Deal-Hunting Apps
Make sure you hit up iTunes or the Google Play store for bargain-hunting apps like Appsfire (iOS and Android) or RetailMeNot (iOS). And keep an eye on retailers on FourSquare unadvertised deals.

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Explore the Galaxy in Glorious 3D from your PC!

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I bet you have. We all have. Now you can stop wondering and get out there and see everything first-hand. Well – almost. See exactly how our planet fits into the solar system and the galaxy. Take the trip, marvel at the universe. Get lost in space, fly anywhere in virtual space, at any speed, in any direction and at any time in history.

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