August 6th, 2012, by izonorlando

“Top 5 Free Olympics Apps”

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The Olympics are underway, and there’s no reason you should be stuck following them from a TV. On this episode, we give you our picks for top medalists in Olympic Games apps.

Official NBC Apps
NBC has a lock on coverage in the U.S. They’re getting plenty of criticism, but their exclusive deal lands them on our list by default. But be warned, you’ll need to prove you have a cable subscription.

Team USA Road to London
If you’re following The U.S. Team we can recommend the Team USA Road to London app for iOS and Android.

London 2012 Official Results
For keeping track of all the winners and all the events, it’s hard to do better than the London 2012 Official Results app, for iOS and Android.

BBC Olympics
For Olympics news straight from the BBC, Android users should check out the BBC Olympics app.

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