July 30th, 2012, by izonorlando

“Ditching Paid TV: Should You Cut the Cord?”

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With growing choices on the web, a lot of people are looking into cutting the cord of cable or satellite TV. On this episode, Cali looks at the advantages and disadvantages to doing what so many people are already doing. The things she covers are:

Cord Cutting Gains Popularity
The average US cable bill is $85, and a recent survey found that 20 percent of consumers in the US have either canceled their pay TV service or are considering it.

Choosing What You Want
Cutting the cord doesn’t mean your TV will be free, but you can pay for what you want and not subsidize the things you don’t use.

Live Sports – The Deal Breaker?
For a lot of people, live sports is what keeps them connected to cable or satellite services. If you watch a lot of sports, cutting the cord may not be for you.

Replace, Not Replicate
Cord cutting doesn’t mean you’ll be able to get exactly the programming you have access to now, but you can select the programs you most want. You’ll be replacing your current programming, not replicating it.

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