June 11th, 2012, by izonorlando

The Crazy Carls

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The Crazy Carls are the latest music sensation, delivering great party music with their catchy tunes and strong vocals. The band’s spirit bounces at you with guitar solos that grab you and get you dancing. The sound is fresh and promises a good time with pop, rock, and funk medleys. Their latest hits showcase the band’s real talent and nonstop energy. Fans love the excitement of live shows which feature spontaneous jamming and packed crowds.

The talent of this band is undeniable with a great range in their musicianship and songwriting. They have recently recorded some of their new hits in LA with Travis Huff of BK Entertainment. You’ll want to follow them, as they feature new songs and tour throughout the Southeast. Demand is high for this unique group, who will be putting their stamp on the music scene for years to come!

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