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J’s Everyday Fashion

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Season 1. Episode 2 – “Lauren”

Style seeker Lauren is a busy mom of two, who recently lost her baby weight and needs comfortable yet sophisticated outfits for her active lifestyle. J takes Lauren on a style journey to identify how Lauren can use what she already owns, and get the most out of her $1,000 one-time budget. They go shopping at a local mall and find 26 new pieces to add to Lauren’s closet. Finally, J develops more than 20 outfits using what they bought and Lauren’s own clothes, ultimately helping this mom-on-a-budget improve her wardrobe by the end of the show!

Topics covered:
1. Starting over after kids
2. Focusing on the bottom half
3. Stepping outside your comfort zone

Style seeker: Lauren

What Lauren Bought:

5 skirts

• Printed: Anthropologie, $75 (Similar, Similar)
• Blue striped: LOFT, $5 (Similar)
• Green: Ann Taylor, $51
• Black: LOFT, $25 (Similar)
• Denim: Gap, $17 (Similar)

2 shorts

• Cobalt: Gap, $27
• White: LOFT, $32

1 jeans
• White: Gap, $54

8 tops

• Mint: LOFT, $24
• Beige: LOFT, $22 (Similar)
• Ivory: Banana Republic, $26 (Similar)
• Navy polka dot: Gap, $20 (Similar, similar)
• Pastel printed: Banana Republic, $17 (Similar, similar)
• Tribal: Banana Republic, $39
• Pink halter: Banana Republic, $42 (Similar, similar)
• White: Banana Republic, $23 (Similar)

2 cardigans

• Citrus: Banana Republic, $39 (Similar)
• Orange: LOFT, $22 (Similar)

1 dress
• Military: Banana Republic, $64

4 belts
• Brown: Gap, $23
• Black, nude, yellow: H&M, $15 (Similar, similar)

2 shoes

• Brown wedges: LOFT, $63
• Nude sandals: Macy’s/BCBG, $75

1 necklace

• LOFT, $20 (Similar)

Grand Total = $920 (her budget was $1,000)

Lauren’s Outfits, in order of appearance:

Outfit 1
Purple tank – Lauren’s own (Similar)
Printed skirt- Anthropologie, $75 (Similar, similar)
Brown belt – Gap, $23
Wedges – LOFT, $63

Outfit 2
Mint top – LOFT, $24
Printed skirt – Anthropologie, $75 (Similar, similar)
Sandals – Macy’s/BCBG, $75

Outfit 3
Beige top – LOFT, $22 (Similar)
Printed skirt – Anthropologie, $75 (Similar, similar)
Nude belt – H&M, $5
Nude shoes – Lauren’s own (Similar)

Outfit 4
Orange cardigan – LOFT, $22 (Similar)
Ivory top – Banana Republic, $26 (Similar)
Striped skirt – LOFT, $5 (Similar)
Nude shoes – Lauren’s own (Similar)

Outfit 5
Green top – Lauren’s own (Similar)
Brown belt – Gap, $23
Striped skirt – LOFT, $5 (Similar)
Wedges – LOFT, $63

Outfit 6
Polka dot top – Gap, $20 (Similar, similar)
Green skirt – Ann Taylor, $51
Yellow belt – H&M, $5 (Similar)
Sandals – Macy’s/BCBG, $75

Outfit 7
Pastel print top – Banana Republic, $17 (Similar, similar)
Green skirt – Ann Taylor, $51
Nude shoes – Lauren’s own (Similar)

Outfit 8
Citrus cardigan – Banana Republic, $39 (Similar)
Ivory top – Lauren’s own (Similar)
Brown belt – Gap, $23
Green skirt – Ann Taylor, $51
Wedges – LOFT, $63

Outfit 9
Beige top – LOFT, $22 (Similar)
Black skirt – LOFT, $25 (Similar)
Necklace – LOFT, $20 (Similar)
Black belt – H&M, $5 (Similar)
Black shoes – Lauren’s own (Similar)

Outfit 10
White cardigan – Lauren’s own (Similar)
Striped shirt – Lauren’s own (Similar)
Belt – Lauren’s own
Denim skirt – Gap, $17 (Similar)
Wedges – LOFT, $63

Outfit 11
Citrus cardigan – Banana Republic, $39 (Similar)
Red shirt – Lauren’s own
Denim skirt – Gap, $17 (Similar)
Wedges – LOFT, $63

Outfit 12
Mint shirt – LOFT, $24
Cobalt shorts – Gap, $27
Sandals – Macy’s/BCBG, $75

Outfit 13
White shirt – Banana Republic, $23 (Similar)
Cobalt shorts – Gap, $27
Sandals – Macy’s/BCBG, $75

Outfit 14
Purple shirt – Lauren’s own (Similar)
Cobalt shorts – Gap, $27
Wedges – LOFT, $63

Outfit 15
Citrus cardigan – Banana Republic, $39 (Similar)
Tribal shirt – Banana Republic, $39
Brown belt – Gap, $23
White shorts – LOFT, $32
Sandals – Macy’s/BCBG, $75

Outfit 16
Polka dot top – Gap, $20 (Similar, similar)
White shorts – LOFT, $32
Wedges – LOFT, $63

Outfit 17
Pink halter – Banana Republic, $42 (Similar, similar)
Necklace – Lauren’s own (Similar, similar)
White jeans – Gap, $54
Sandals – Macy’s/BCBG, $75

Outfit 18
Beige shirt – LOFT, $22 (Similar)
Necklace – LOFT, $20 (Similar)
Pink pants – LOFT, $43 (Similar, similar)
Nude shoes – Lauren’s own (Similar)

Outfit 19
Ivory shirt – Lauren’s own (Similar)
Pink pants – LOFT, $43 (Similar, similar)
Nude shoes – Macy’s/BCBG, $75

Outfit 20
Blue shirt – Lauren’s own (Similar, similar)
Pink pants – LOFT, $43 (Similar, similar)
Wedges – LOFT, $63

Outfit 21
Dress – Banana Republic, $64
Brown belt – Gap, $23
Wedges – LOFT, $63

So whether you are a mom looking for fashion tips, or just a woman who likes to dress to impress in any occasion, this show is sure to hep you with some great fashion tips for moms, and fashion tips not just for moms!

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  1. Shanada Williams says:

    J, I hope you are very successful! and great job!

  2. Natasha Allen says:

    Great job! I LOVE these video segments, they are immensely helpful. Can't wait for more!!

  3. Katie says:

    Sorry, not a fan of this format.

    • Executive Producer says:

      Sorry to hear that Katie...but curious...what is it that you don't like specifically?

  4. Anonymous says:

    I find the music and graphics distracting.

    • Executive Producer says:

      Thanks for your feedback, Anonymous. But i wonder if you could be more specific....which music and which graphics? Are you suggesting we remove ALL music and graphics?

  5. A says:

    I actually love these videos. I would like to see more of the shopping/planning process. How do you decide what to buy? Did Lauren give info on what colors she likes, what looks best on her figure? Do you start with a basic list of what you were going after? I know you have only a finite amount of time. Maybe the planning part could be a whole episode in and of itself. I do think the music and graphics seem a little dated. Almost like a training video for work. Overall, I love the concept! Thank you!!

    • J says:

      Hi A,
      J here! I love this feedback, thank you so much! What you see in the video is my exact planning process for shopping with Lauren. I met her, we talked for 5 minutes, she showed me some photos from her closet, and then we dove right it. It was truly that easy! We never went into any more detail in real life, and you are seeing things exactly how they happened. (It's very important to me that the show is very realistic!)

      Sometimes when a person shops it is a good idea to have specific items in mind, and I'm sure that will be the case with future style seekers. But Lauren was pretty much starting over, so everything was game on our shopping trip! Also, unfortunately we aren't able to show any of the shopping because it's almost impossible to get permission from big brands to shoot. I'm so happy to be able to share with you guys how we planned our trip though, and the end result, which is the best part! :-)

  6. Jackie says:

    First off I just wanted to say that J is amazing! I found her outfits when I was on pinterest and absolutely loved how she paired everything together. That with that fact that I am moving to Miami soon, I also loved all the color that she had in the wardrobes. I would tend to agree that the music is a little disjointed. It goes from gameshow, to disco/techno type of stuff and the graphics in between outfits that are the game arrows don't match the rest of the video. I think it would be really great to have the people pick out the key pieces in their wardrobe that they want to build around and then when you bring the clothes back that you bought you build the outfits with the person on camera explaining why you picked those pieces. Maybe even giving an example for the areas she wanted outfits for. I.e date night, running errands, church, girls night etc. Then you could just scan through pictures of some of the other possible combinations with more information below the video for specifics. I just think that took to much time up in the segments. I think giving some of the tips while you are with the client during the session is better than the rapid fire at the end. It will have more meaning.

    I think that J is going to do some amazing stuff.. and as always I will keep looking out for those awesome outfits online when I get my morning coffee! Keep it up!!!!

    • Executive Producer says:

      Jackie, thank you! That is exactly the kind of specific feedback we want to get. Its easy to say you hate something, but saying that doesn't help us improve on it. Your comments, on the other hand, point to specifics and even explain why you felt the way you did. Now THAT we can work with! Thanks for your feedback and rest assured we will definitely take it under advisement! We really do appreciate it!

    • J says:

      Hi Jackie,
      J here! Thank you for your suggestions! In this episode, Lauren was starting from scratch, so she didn't have staples that we could work with. Every person's story is different though. I look forward to having style seekers in the future who may already have staple pieces in their wardrobe that we can build around. That wasn't part of Lauren's journey, but I do agree that would be a great story if someone is looking to do that!

      I'm not sure I follow your suggestion about different occasions - we did mention where she would wear each outfit, so I'm not sure what you meant by that. I do agree that the last segment was too much rapid-fire info. As I mentioned in my blog post, there are lots of changes we will be making next time and that's at the top of my list! :-)

  7. Elizabeth says:

    I loved the show! I've been following J for several months and I loved how much stuff the two ladies found for not a lot of money! I would wear every single item that they purchased and what's even better is that all those stores are close to pretty much anyone in the U.S.

    The only tweaks I would like to see is that the transitions from scene to scene were much much louder than J and her guest's voices. It actually startled me the first time I heard it, and I had to turn down my volume when the transition graphics and music began. Then I would turn the volume back up once J started speaking because the volume would vacillate wildly. However, the actual graphics and music were very professional and nice looking/sounding.

    I thought the show was very well put together and can't wait for the next episode! I so would love to have J come to Jackson MS to go shopping with me!

  8. I thought this was great! Lauren's favorite stores are some of the ones I love, too, so it was really great to see what she found there. J you always put colors together in ways that I never would think to do, which is so fun!

  9. Diana says:

    Love the way you put bright colours together, you always look fabulous, and again, I found you on Pinterest. I have shown your style to my friends here in Australia...come visit and give us some tips. Keep up the good work xx

  10. I really enjoyed your video. Great ideas too. I love your site and the wearable looks you create!

  11. Kellyann Rohr says:

    Just watched the first episode and I love it! It is great to see clothes that real women wear and outfits that are not cookie cutter looks but actually show great style. I came across this on Pinterest and I am so glad I did. Can't wait to see more!!!!!

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