March 21st, 2012, by izonorlando

The story continues!!

The year is 2112. Human life on Earth evolved, gaining abilities that are considered superpowered. The story we follow is of two bounty hunters, Chief and Lakland, as they are sucked into a fight between a corporate giant named The Red Syndicate and an underground group known as H.O.P.E, who are fighting against the twisted ways of the city. To the shock of the two main characters, the real reason for this conflict will be even bigger than either of them are prepared for.

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  1. Welltodo says:

    Watching this episode was a lot of fun for us. It's hard to pick a favorite scene but if we had to pick one, the elevator scene. Good job guys. This episode flowed well. The scenes came together better. The introduction of new characters is great, it's not thrown at the viewers all at once. Which a lot of films in the sci-fi area do. Gradual intros is a great idea because it gives the viewer time to grasp their abilities and know the character. Unless you are a comic book fan who lives their life by knowing every character, grasping on to their super abilities and remembering them on first view, is tough. This however, gives them time to absorb them. I love that. Listen, anyone can hate in this industry, but it takes a true believer in the work to make it a success! We are believers!

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