March 12th, 2012, by izonorlando

The story continues!!

The year is 2112. Human life on Earth evolved, gaining abilities that are considered superpowered. The story we follow is of two bounty hunters, Chief and Lakland, as they are sucked into a fight between a corporate giant named The Red Syndicate and an underground group known as H.O.P.E, who are fighting against the twisted ways of the city. To the shock of the two main characters, the real reason for this conflict will be even bigger than either of them are prepared for.

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  1. Welltodo says:

    This series is getting good. I have to say I had to watch it again and episode 3 because these fight scenes are well thought out and the special effects are great. I did see the obvious things with issues with sound and some inconsistancies with some of the effects but only if you're looking into the detail of it all. Some scene transitions could have been edited more closely together. I know this is an independent production and I hope that my critiquing isn't offending because this is a great series. As a matter of fact I would like to see this re-edited and all together. Not sure if this was put together before release or ? We are still here and we are still attracted to this concept. I want to add one more thing, this is a very daring series. How many people before you were not brave enough to come up with a super hero move with out being connected to DC or Marvel? A lot! These characters are unique and I'm not sure exactly what Laklands characters abilities are yet except him being able to draw information out of Lady Red, mind control? But that's awesome in itself. He is also a funny character to watch. Chief, is a mystery character, his abilities are obvious in some ways when he shoots and doesn't miss, but he has that loner affect to him. Great villain in the woods. Also, Harbinger; "One that presages or foreshadows what is to come.", I'm impressed. This is a well thought out concept. Torque, big guy in the woods with villain, great effects on him, brawn and brain, who knew? In closing I want to ask, Is there a another season behind this one? You all are doing great can not wait for Episode 5. I need to go figure out what I am the Harbinger of.... Good luck

    • Vis4Valdez says:

      Hi there!
      Thank you so much for all of the awesome comments. We take no offense to critiquing at all. Actually we welcome it as it helps us learn. At the end, with the last episode released we are remastering and editing it together to be a movie on DVD which we will be selling more than likely via Kickstarter or our fan page, to fund and answer your next question, The second season. Can't give any details but there will more then likely be updates consistently on the fan page not mention possibly short films answering a few questions in the story by showing some back story. Side note : Torque is my favorite character as well. Big guy, big brain. Once again thank you for the positive feedback!

  2. DAVID says:


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