February 26th, 2012, by izonorlando

The story continues!!

The year is 2112. Human life on Earth evolved, gaining abilities that are considered superpowered. The story we follow is of two bounty hunters, Chief and Lakland, as they are sucked into a fight between a corporate giant named The Red Syndicate and an underground group known as H.O.P.E, who are fighting against the twisted ways of the city. To the shock of the two main characters, the real reason for this conflict will be even bigger than either of them are prepared for.

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  1. Welltodo says:

    I think this web series has a great concept. The story is getting interesting and I can not wait for the rest. I can see a potential for a network to discover this if it all ready hasn't, to offer some incite and maybe some production assistance to enhance what s already great. There is always room for improvement on any project, even the ones created by the ones in the industry already. Come on, how many movies or tv shows have you seen and said, "oh man, if this was me, I would changed this" or " if this were to have happened this would be great." . As a fan, I can say, you guys have done a good job. You have my focus. And that's the point. To keep everyone's attention and wanting more. Well, I'm wanting more. I hope episode 3 is released soon.

  2. Love it can wait for next episode ,your hard work is showing it keep me coming back for more
    I'm your number one fan keep up the good work you guy are great may be someday soon dollar bills your,
    you keep us interesting in the episodes ,some are funny exciting crazy,you want to come back and see what next
    ,to me your are a hit already the episodes are great I'm so proud gang, Love always Drmil.

    Marcus Silvera your show is number one .

  3. Love your show is great man keep it up your flying high, good luck and god bless
    to you all.


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