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For over fifty years, the Orlando Science Center has been a place that inspires curiosity and exploration. Truly one of the great activities for Orlando families, the Science Center encourages learning in a fun way. We're the perfect educational activity, fun and knowledge all under one roof. For visitors from out of town, Orlando Science Center is a must for your “things to do in Orlando” list. With four floors of exciting exhibits, amazing giant screen movies and engaging live programming, the Science Center is the perfect family destination. We're also the ideal rainy day activity - fun for your entire family and completely indoors! This fascinating new show takes you behind the scenes of some of the most spectacular exhibits that the Science Center has to offer, as well as everything from excursions to the wild outdoors, to a tour of local video game creators and everything in between. Science: Behind the Scenes introduces you to a side of science that you may not have ever seen before! Like the show? Have some ideas of future segments? Would you like to appear on one of the episodes? Please feel free to share this link with everyone you know! And leave us a comment below! You never know...you may just find yourself experiencing science...from behind the scenes!
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Season 1 Episodes:


Science: Behind the Scenes! Series Pilot

Posted: January 10th, 2012


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