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Why Video Works to Help You Sell More

Video marketing works because people like watching video, plain and simple. On YouTube alone,
over two billion videos are viewed every day, and over 35 hours of new footage are uploaded
every minute. Video streaming on mobile devices is also rapidly picking up steam – Cisco Systems
reports that the number of YouTube videos delivered to mobile devices tripled in 2010 to 200 million
views per day.

Since the power of video is readily apparent, companies are increasingly looking to social video marketing to attract potential customers on the web. In just one year, from 2010 to 2011, use of
online video more than doubled among small to mid-sized businesses – and the trend upward is only continuing, according to Bredin Business Information.

Online video helps you get found (and seen and heard!) by potential customers, convert these prospects into customers, and keep your existing customer base engaged. More specifically, video helps you:

1. Drive traffic to your site by boosting your SEO
Just having video on your website makes you 53x more likely to appear on the front page of Google search results, according to Forrester Research (2010). Successful marketers produce 11 times more videos than less successful marketers.

2. Reach prospects – and grab their attention
Incorporating video into your e-mail marketing increases clickthrough rates by over 96%, according to Implix.

3. Increase your conversion rate
Online video turns your prospects into paying customers. Internet Researcher found that online customers who view product videos are 95% more likely to buy than visitors who donʼt watch videos.

4. Get Your Word Out Better
Press releases that include video components receive a 500% increase in views (Eloqua, April 2010)

5. Decrease time spent on customer service calls
Help your customers help themselves: use online video to answer FAQs and provide instructions, saving yourself countless hours.

Online video allows you to sell 24/7, so you can spread your message even while you sleep! Your compelling marketing pitch and your companyʼs unique value can be encapsulated in video and shared with large audiences simultaneously – and globally.

Picture a traditional seminar: a few hundred local prospects might attend, and you can only be on that one stage at that time. Make it a webinar, though, and suddenly youʼre in thousands of offices worldwide. After the webinar is over, you can post the recorded video on your website and your social media channels – and others will share it as well! – and now your message is reaching an ever-growing audience, even while youʼre off the clock. And don’t forget…iZonOrlando is a perfect all-hours showcase for your work. iZonOrlando and its networks, including YouTube, Videmo and Playwire offer a huge potential audience and it doesn’t even require any effort on your part.

Are you ready to get started with video? Itʼs easier than you think, and iZon Entertainment can help.
Professional video used to be expensive, time-consuming and difficult to create. Not any longer. We make it easy and affordable. For more information or to request an initial consultation, contact iZon Entertainment, LLC by email at


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