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10 Reasons Why Online Video Is Better Than TV For Marketers And Advertisers

With some may options out there (YouTube, Hulu, Netflix, and now local options such as iZonOrlando) its just downright silly to throw your money away trying to reach an audience that is simply not there anymore. One well-placed online ad can bring you exposure for years for the price of what ONE TV spot would cost. One spot that would run once, then never be seen again, unless you purchased more air time. And that’s not even one of our ten reasons listed below! The fact is that with astronomical retention, brand recognition, viewing times and acceptance, online video is not only a good idea for any marketer and/or advertiser…its a crucial one.

Why Is Online Video Better?

There are plenty of reasons why online video is better than TV, for both viewers and businesses:

1. There is no need to be at home to watch it. In pubs the television is usually on in the background only but groups will often look online for certain things while they are out.

2. Incredible target-ability. Television advertising can cost a great deal and the more popular the program the more expensive it will be. Its also incredibly hard to target to a precise market, as so many people watching will not be interested in your particular product and/or service. Not the case with online video, where you can target to the exact demographic you are trying to reach.

3. More effective advertising. With television, many people use the advertisements to leave the room to get a drink or make a phone call, so often times the advertisement will be screened to an empty room. Research shows that most online video viewers not only watch the commercials, but they also remember them!

4. Some people don’t bother with television as much as they used to. Seeing as how 90% of all broadcast TV shows can be found online, more and more people are choosing to watch a lot of programs online. And with the advent of DVR’s, most advertisements are now skipped altogether, something that can’t be done online.

5. Variety of content. Though long form content is becoming more and more prevalent online, you can find videos that reach out to every single demographic out there. Everything from branded shows, which provide advertising in a much more accepted form, to full length webisodes and short, informational clip videos, you can find what you are looking for with very little effort…on YOUR schedule.

Which brings us to:

6. “Always on”. TV may show a lot of repeats but its always at the discretion of the TV executives. Online videos can be watched as often as you want, whenever you want, on whatever device you want. You never have to be at the mercy of a programmer to decide when you are supposed to be in front of the TV.

7. Consumer presence. The Internet is here to stay. When someone chooses to research a product and/or service, they turn to the web. Web video is not just for entertainment anymore. If you don’t have an online video presence, you are not gaining access to this growing consumer base.

8. Online video is less restrictive. Television will not allow certain things to be broadcast but as long as it is legal it is very likely that you can say what you want online.

9. Much better share-ability. If something is on the television it will be seen once and then gone. What you find online, you can, and will be, shared with others! Send a link, embed the video, add it to your social media networks, there are a huge amount of ways that your audience can help spread the word for you.

10. Brand retention is astronomical. The name of the game is brand recognition. If people don’t remember you, they can’t spend money on you. When was the last time you remembered a TV commercial? Or a radio or newspaper ad? A billboard? When was the last time you opened a phone book?

Bottom line? Online video advertising is the way of the future. If you’re not already doing it, you can bet your competitor is. Why not give online video a try?

Inspiration and varied material from: 10 Reasons Why YouTube Is Better Than TV For Marketers & Advertisers
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