New eats, treats on Magic Kingdom menus

September 2, 2011, 2:43 am

Recently, my Disney blogging counterparts have been busy checking out new foods and menu changes in the Magic Kingdom.

Pam Brandon, an official Disney Parks Blog food writer, introduced us to the Mickey pretzel, which is popular at the Disneyland parks and is being tested at Walt Disney World. In Florida, it can only be found at the Frontierland Pretzel Wagon between the Diamond Horseshoe and Pecos Bill Cafe (next to the turkey leg cart). This cute snack can be paired with cheese and chocolate dipping sauces. reports items have been added to two quick-service restaurants in the Magic Kingdom.  Columbia Harbor House in Liberty Square now offers baked salmon with couscous, lobster roll, broccoli peppercorn salad and steamed fresh broccoli. Cosmic Ray’s in Tomorrowland now serves a 1/3-pound angus burger, beef salad, vegetable sandwich, turkey sandwich, deluxe chili dog and gelato.

Finally, notes that soda prices in the Magic Kingdom have increased from $2.19 and $2.49 for the two sizes to $2.59 and $2.89. No changes have been seen yet for bottled water, coffee, chocolate milk or juices.


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