Disney’s ‘Spooky Buddies’ arrives in plenty of time for Halloween

September 12, 2011, 11:34 pm

The puppies of Disney’s popular Golden retriever, Air Bud, are back in a new Halloween adventure, Spooky Buddies: The Curse of The Halloween Hound. Even though this a direct-to-DVD movie, it has been eagerly anticipated at our house.

This is the fifth adventure of the Buddies — Budderball, B-Dawg, Rosebud, Buddha and Mudbud. Disney describes it this way: “The irresistible talking puppies are back in an all-new movie that takes them far across town to a mysterious mansion where something very spooky is going on. With the help of some unexpected new friends including a friendly ghost this exciting adventure is howling-good Buddy fun. In a race against a no good hound, the Buddies and their new friends, Pip, Zelda, Rodney, and Skip, must stop Warwick the Warlock and save the world from his dastardly deeds.”

Watching the Buddies movies with my children is fun on many levels. They laugh and laugh at the puppies’ antics, which makes me chuckle at their silliness. I have always been fond of Golden retrievers, so staring at the cute puppies is no chore, unlike some kids’ movies I have willingly endured. And my son and daughter always seem to have a renewed interest and kindness for our Golden, Sunshine, after watching the pups.

Spooky Buddies: The Curse of The Halloween Hound comes out Sept. 20. The Blu-ray version includes a “Monster Mash” music video with the cast of Disney Channel’s Shake It Up; a sneak peak at the next adventure, Treasure Buddies; and a tour of Rosebud’s home.

Source: http://blogs.orlandosentinel.com/disney-a-mom-and-the-mouse/2011/09/disneys-spooky-buddies-arrives-in-plenty-of-time-for-halloween/

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