Tips for families attending Disney World’s Fort Wilderness campfire singalong

August 9, 2011, 1:31 am

A large number of Walt Disney World hotels are currently offering nighttime outdoor movies for their guests, many on big inflatable screens by the pools or on beaches. At Disney’s Fort Wilderness Campground, though, it’s a campfire singalong and includes entertainment before the show, fire pits for cooking and a permanent screen and seating. These are some tips if you plan on partaking in this wonderful moonlight opportunity.

-Bring blankets or towels to the movie for the kids so they can lounge, snuggle under them, and even fall asleep after a full day at Walt Disney World.

-Don’t forget the autograph books and cameras. At the campfire singalong Chip ‘n Dale make their way through the crowd, stopping for each family to get photos and autographs.

-Take your own supplies for roasting if you don’t plan to buy them at the concession stand. The Chuck Wagon sells roasting sticks for 49 cents each, a bag of marshmallows for $3.99, and a s’more kit for $8.99.

-A movie schedule is posted at the campground at the beginning of the month.

-The campfire singalong is open to any guests staying on Disney World property, not just those at the Fort Wilderness Campground.


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