Students live the green life at Rollins’ Mowbray House

August 8, 2011, 2:58 am

The students who live in “The Mowbray House” have a picture-perfect view of Lake Virginia, whose surface shimmers under the early August sunlight. A well-tended garden of orange trees and gardenias fronts a screened-in patio where a restful hammock beckons. Farther inside the two-story house, floorboards creak underfoot and bedrooms are livable nooks that seem to invite reflection, late-night conversation among friends or the reading of a long novel.

As about 1,700 Rollins students head back to school this month, seven of them will move into the Mowbray House, where residents make their own organic soap, tend to a plant garden, cover the walls with toxic-free paint and feed leftover food to the worms. Environmental groups at Rollins are touting the residence on the east side of campus as an alternative lifestyle for eco-minded undergrads. It is a model of the green-driven life.

“Everything the students do at the Mowbray House is meant to be an example, they take their roles as environmental ambassadors seriously,” says Ann Francis, who advises the group that started living there in August of last year.


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