Spice up your life with Orlando’s Spiciest Restaurant Dishes

July 25, 2011, 1:22 am

If you’re a fan of Spicy food then pay close attention because the burn from these dishes may jump right of the screen. These are some of the spots where you are sure to find the hottest of the hot in all of Orlando.

NaraDeva: One of the city’s newer Thai eateries, NaraDeva specializes in home-style Siamese cuisine. That means many dishes lean toward the milder side — but their panang curry is arguably the hottest in town. Ordered traditionally “Thai hot,” it will have you flagging the waitress for water mere seconds after the first bite. It is located at 4696 Millenia Plaza Way; 407-903-0300

Nona Sushi: Set in the up-and-coming Lake Nona neighborhood, Nona Sushi specializes in fresh Japanese and Korean dishes, and most plates here contain at least some spice. But the menu’s real fire starter is the tuna kobachi — an addictive, pain-inducing blend of fresh ahi tuna, sesame oil and nostril-flaring shichimi togarashi (pungent Japanese chili powder). It is located at 10743 Narcoossee Rd.; 407-381-7777

India Kitchen: South Orlando’s Indian Kitchen specializes in South Indian cuisine, often cited as the hottest style of Indian food. As such, just about everything on the menu here (even items listed as “mild”) can mean sweat-inducing heat. And for a truly incendiary experience, try the hot pepper rasam soup — an eyeball-melting broth made of chilies, tomatoes, tamarind and more. Possibly the hottest restaurant dish in Orlando.It is located at 6215 S. Orange Blossom Trl.; 407-438-4985

Frankie’s Wings and Things: Set in the coastal town of Merritt Island, about 25 minutes east of downtown Orlando, Frankie’s Wings and Things specializes in super spicy chicken wings. While most customers satiate their heat quotients with wings covered in sauces baring names like “Ridiculous” or “Call the Medics,” those with a death wish opt for Frankie’s “Call 911″ wings. It lives up to the moniker.
325 Merritt Island Cswy.; Merritt Island; 321-452-5557

Agave Azul: One of the city’s more upscale Mexican restaurant’s, South Orlando’s Agave Azul boasts plenty of fiery treats on its menu. But none matches the gut-blasting fury of its “hot” green table salsa. Available only by request, this brain-melting blend of chilies, garlic, lime and more is prepared solely to satisfy the restaurant’s many chili-loving customers. It is located at 4750 S Kirkman Rd.; 407-704-6930

Source: http://www.citysbest.com/orlando/news/2011/07/22/feel-the-burn-orlando-s-spiciest-restaurant-dishes/

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