Communities sign on with UCF business incubators to grow jobs

June 30, 2011, 7:01 am

Tim Luby was a great soccer player when he was younger and a very successful coach as an adult. Perhaps his best move was when he patented his practice tool, The Soccer Shot. Although he was good on the field, scoring in business was a skill yet to be mastered. Luby, 49, whose product teaches soccer players how to perfect a free kick, knew his fledgling enterprise faced a slew of problems that kill many startups. To improve his survival chances, Luby earned a spot in a business incubator on East Colonial Drive operated by the University of Central Florida which has eight area centers designed to nurture seedling enterprises. Two more UCF-sponsored incubators will open soon: one at Daytona Beach International Airport and another in south Lake County, both subsidized by tax dollars from local governments desperate for jobs in hard times.


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