May 11th, 2011, by izonorlando


Season 1. Episode 12

The first Saturday in May is ‘Free Comic Book Day’ and the Geeks are at Coliseum of Comics to celebrate. Find out the best places online to get geek t-shirts and catch the new trailer for “X-Men First Class”.

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  1. Mary says:

    I love Geekopoly! IzonOrlando has figured out how to make entertaining online video -- great job!

    • Will says:

      Wow! Thanks Mary! That is HUGE praise coming from you! Can't tell you enough how much I appreciate your comment! We have a ton of fun and we can only hope that others find what we do entertaining as well. Now if only we could get some of your clients to advertise on our site and shows! 😀 heh heh heh

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