11 Arrested in Daytona prostitution sting

May 18, 2011, 5:29 am

The Daytona Beach Police Department arrested around a dozen people last week in an organized citywide prostitution sting. Jimmie Flynt, the Police spokesman said that 11 people (seven women and four men) were arrested because of Thursday’s sting operation. Jennifer Cornelius, 30; Paula Barreto, 45; Cheryl Jackson, 49; Jennifer Hamersly, 28; Roxanne Hatcher, 26; Keitha Stroupe, 44; and Elnecha Swindle, 37; David Ferry, 53; James Forbes, 31; Richard Roberts, 39; and Rustom Demehri, 60, all were charged with solicitation to commit prostitution. Barreto, Cornelius and Hatcher also face narcotics charges, Flynt said. Ferry was also charged with marijuana possession, and Roberts with resisting arrest without violence.

Source: http://articles.orlandosentinel.com/2011-05-17/news/os-daytona-beach-prostitution-arrests20110517_1_prostitution-sting-police-arrest-people-last-week


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