April 11th, 2011, by izonorlando

Florida Film Festival

This Narrow Place

Directed by: SOONEY KADOUH
USA, 2010, 97 MIN

After the death of his younger brother in a Gaza air-strike, Hassan (Sammy Sheik) doesn’t have anything to lose so he smuggles himself into America. Landing in Detroit to stay with his immigrant blue-collar uncle, the Palestinian refugee’s intentions are to build a bomb associated with the U.S. company that manufactured the one that killed his brother. When he meets a lonely meth addict, Chris (Jonathan Stanley), the two form an unlikely bond and an unusual friendship. Chris helps Hassan understand the American dream, while Hassan and his family celebrate the holy month of Ramadan, unknowingly aiding Chris’s attempt at sobriety. Hassan’s loving relatives and new friend are clueless to his violent intentions, and eventually he finds himself at a crossroads of personal redemption or revenge. A daring and engaging drama on the destructive and redemptive nature of terrorism and friendship, THIS NARROW PLACE is a stunning debut for feature writer/director Sooney Kadouh that’s sure to leave the viewer shell-shocked by its camerawork and performances.

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