April 11th, 2011, by izonorlando

Florida Film Festival

The Yearling

USA, 1946, 128 MIN

Nominated for seven 1947 Oscars including Best Picture, Director (Clarence Brown), Actor (Gregory Peck), and Actress (Jane Wyman), this heartrending adaptation of Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings’s Pulitzer Prize-winning novel transports us to the backwoods of northeastern Florida at the turn of the 20th century. When his farmer father (Peck) is bitten by a rattlesnake and kills a deer to use its liver to draw out the poison, 11-year-old Jody adopts the deer’s fawn as a pet, and they soon become inseparable. But as the years pass, and the harsh realities of farm life begin to take their toll, the boy must make an impossible decision between his beloved companion and the survival of his family. Photographed in glorious Technicolor on actual Florida locations (including Rawlings’s own Cross Creek estate), The Yearling ranks among the most beautiful of all films about the end of childhood innocence and a boy’s journey to becoming a man.

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