April 10th, 2011, by izonorlando

Florida Film Festival


Directed by: TAKESHI KOIKE
JAPAN, 2009, 100 MIN
In Japanese with English subtitles

Japanese Anime at its finest! Set in a world of illegal underground racing, REDLINE features top drivers from all over the universe coming together with vehicle modifications ranging from nitroglycerin boosters to deadly weapons to robot appendages, building up to a final stage that is only about winning… no matter what. Follow JP—one of the hottest racers around—through a realm of aliens, robots, mutants, and freaks that only the imagination of Takeshi Koike (Ninja Scroll, The Animatrix) can spawn. JP may be a badass, but he also has integrity and is out to win fair and square. Some organizers feel this is bad for business, so they set out to make things a bit difficult for our hero. This visually stunning animated action flick, with characters that look like they just jumped out of a Jack Kirby comic, has been justifiably called a cross between Akira and Cannonball Run. Its mind-melting, psychedelic assault is dialed up to 10 with no intention of slowing down until the credits roll.

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