April 7th, 2011, by izonorlando

Florida Film Festival


Directed by: RYAN KERRISON
USA, 2010, 55 MIN

Richard Foreman is as eccentric, bizarre, and as ultimately unknowable as the Ontological-Hysteric Theatre Company he founded in 1968. His dramatic staging of A Threepenny Opera for Joseph Papp cemented his place in American theatre. Over 30 productions, nine Obie Awards, and a Lifetime Achievement Award from the National Endowment for the Arts later, his work maddens and perplexes the casual viewer. But it is the stuff of legend for the theatrical cognoscenti. Through his unwavering commitment and belief in his own muse, his art is inspirational to anyone who has struggled to find his own expressive voice. In this fine-tuned and highly entertaining biography of one of the most unlikely icons of contemporary theatre, Academy Award-winner F. Murray Abraham, Yoko Ono, Willem Dafoe, Eric Bogosian, Wallace Shawn, James Cromwell, Lili Taylor, Blair Brown, Lou Reed, and other artistic luminaries praise and explain Foreman’s pioneering work and contributions to modern theatre.

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