April 13th, 2011, by izonorlando

Florida Film Festival

Midnight Son

USA, 2010, 88 MIN

Jacob is a shy young man whose rare and deadly skin disorder prohibits him from any exposure to sunlight. His only regular human contact is with the janitor (cult icon Tracey Walter of Repo Man) in the building where he works as a night watchman, while his free time is largely spent painting the glorious sunrises he remembers from his childhood. Jacob’s life of nocturnal loneliness begins to change when he meets Mary, a tough, street-smart bartender with whom he shares an instant connection. But is their burgeoning romance strong enough to survive Jacob’s increasingly disturbing cravings and the growing suspicions of an LAPD homicide detective? Eschewing the pomp and overwrought romance typical of many contemporary vampire stories in favor of a stark, gritty, and eerily beautiful urban milieu, writer/director Scott Leberecht presents an affecting, personal, and truly unique vision. Among the film’s producers are University of Central Florida alumni Matt Compton (Seventh Moon) and Eduardo Sanchez (co-director of The Blair Witch Project).

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