April 7th, 2011, by izonorlando

Florida Film Festival

Holy Wars

USA, 2010, 82 MIN

Fascinating, disturbing, and sure to ignite controversy, HOLY WARS tracks a pair of religious fundamentalists – a danger-seeking Christian missionary and a radicalized Irish Muslim convert – from the beginnings of the “War on Terror” to the election of Obama. Amid a widening global conflict stoked by political, economic, and psychological forces, both men are consumed with preparation for the fight ahead. The Christian struggles to evangelize the world’s Muslims; the Muslim advocates for global jihad. Each firmly expects an apocalyptic battle, after which their God will rule the world. On the way to Armageddon, Director Marshall breaks doc protocol and convinces his subjects to meet on camera to debate faith and ideology. The result is a riveting collision of wills with altogether unexpected consequences. HOLY WARS is not about the right or wrong of any one religion, but instead about the nature of extremism and where it leads the most self-righteous of its followers.

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