April 12th, 2011, by izonorlando

Florida Film Festival

A Beautiful Belly

USA, 2010, 92 MIN

Andrew Kenneth Gay’s A BEAUTIFUL BELLY is an astonishing achievement: one of the first features ever shot on the Canon EOS-5D Mark II, a digital still camera that shoots HD video, for around $25,000. The results look like a million bucks and are guaranteed to inspire young filmmakers everywhere to follow in the footsteps of Gay, a UCF grad student in film and digital media. But there’s another reason to see this warmly comic story of an aspiring but out-of-work children’s entertainer who gets his longtime crush pregnant on their first date: It’s engaging, entertaining, and occasionally hilarious. Against all odds, Jason and Danny decide to try to make a life together, and almost immediately face the crushing doubt and selfish temptation that can plague even couples with a lot fewer distractions. A happy ending seems unlikely, yet with a little help from family, friends, a pastor, and a wise dolphin or two, perhaps they have a chance at a life together.

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