Young boy brings gun into school

March 31, 2011, 5:16 am

A 13 year old boy brought in a .40 caliber gun onto the campus of Indian Trails Middle School. It is not the first time the boy has gotten into trouble as he was already serving a three day suspension for previous disruptive behavior . The Flagler County Sheriff’s Office says a parent called the School’s principal on Thursday, March 24 to inform him that the student showed a gun to his fellow students in the sports complex after school had gotten out. The student had been suspended March 22 and was not supposed to be at the school in the first place. Sheriff deputies found the gun and a loaded magazine in the boy’s backpack. The boy told officials he had an argument with another student who had threatened to fight him earlier that day. The boy was charged with possession of a concealed weapon on a school campus as well as possession of a concealed weapon.



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