Miami-Dade recall Carlos Alvarez

March 16, 2011, 5:32 am

The residents of Miami-Dade county have voted to remove Mayor Carlos Alvarez from  his curent office. They decided to recall Alvarez on Tuesday because of growing frustration over a property tax rate increase and simultaneous salary raise for many county employees. With approximately 75 percent of the precinct votes counted, 88 percent voted to remove the mayor from his post. Just 12 percent were in favor of allowing Alvarez to finish his current term. The Miami-Dade recall is the largest of a local government official, in terms of population size in history. The push to remove Alvarez from office was led by billionaire car dealer Norman Braman, who said the mayor’s fiscal decision has endangered the community. Alvarez has also said his recommended budget was necessary to maintain vital county services.


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