March 14th, 2011, by izonorlando

Generation WHY

Season 1. Episode 1 – “Introductions”

In the city of Orlando, Florida, four college roommates spend their chaotic lives together.

Entering his new apartment for the first time, NATE (Addison Bryan) is surprised to meet three roommates completely unlike himself: TOM (Joshua Ingle), a horny lunatic Irishman, CHARLES (Cris Mertens), an eccentric gay filmmaker, and EDDIE (Nick Briz) a catatonic stoner. A fun-loving frat guy, Nate just wants to enjoy his college experience, but after some vampire role-playing, accidental acid trips, and a drunken drive across the country, Nate discovers if he ever wants a normal social life, he’ll have to find a way to either make friends with his roommates, or get away from them.

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