Are streetcars coming to Central Florida?

February 10, 2011, 8:56 am

Due to the success of the Lynx Lymmo service in downtown Orlando, streetcars are being considered to help people get around Central Florida more efficiently. Central Florida’s Regional Transporation Authority has made it official that it plans to move ahead with a study on streetcars for Orlando and other forms of transportation alternatives for the region it serves. It should also be known that it will take $64,000 of tax payer money to conduct the study. “I think streetcars, in general, work in corridors where you are not necessarily looking at moving large numbers of commuters,” said Lynx CEO John Lewis. He also feels that the streetcar idea would create an increase in Orlando businesses and would help give Central Florida a new unique identity. “Permanent investment,” he calls it. “When you’re laying track and you’re laying rail, it spurs development, because the businesses know that this is a permanent investment, and then private sector has been shown to put up their investment.”

Source: My Fox Orlando

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