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Season 1. Episode 4

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  1. [...] This post was mentioned on Twitter by izonOrlando, Trisolt Video & Web. Trisolt Video & Web said: Check out Kevin White, Allan Forbes and Patrick Hawkins in a brand new episode of Geekopoly! Now live!... [...]

  2. I really dig this show, and I always look forward to the new episodes. I love the content. This criticism has nothing to do with the show's content, but with the filler. Specifically, the segment where a rusty TV is lowered into a maniac's rape dungeon to advertise a website I'm currently on. Necessary? It's not my grandparents TV. That's what I learn from that filler. I would hope not. If that were my grandparents TV, I assume they would have been killed with surgical equipment before my parents were born.

    Just a thought.

  • Will says:

    LOL Point taken, Jeremy! I will tell our editors to stop inserting their personal tastes into the shows. Thanks for the feedback and thanks for watching! Please share us with your friends!

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